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The purpose of this club is deepening participant's exchanges through talking and presenting one's collections or hobbies. We have enjoyed talking about such origami, movie, stamps, old books, games, manga, animation, companion animals, travels, etc. You can participate at any time you want! You are more than welcome!

  • Date and time

    Once a month, Wednesday 16:30-18:00


    The Student Support Building (Higashiyama Campus)


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Next event

Wed. January 12, Theme: Alice Gear Aegis

What we do in the Collection Club depends on each time. One is the time that one of the members presents his/her collections and the other members listen. Then, they interact with each other with talking about presenter's collections or experiences, and find their passion for collections.
The other is the time that no fixed presenters exist. In this time, we present our collections or experiences each other in short or talk about things each member has recently get into it. The member freely determines the theme with a frank conversation.

  • For

    All members of Nagoya University

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    The Student Support Building (Higashiyama Campus)

Please take a look at the link below for past collection club.

Nov 3 2021: "Old books market"
Aug 25 2021: "Let's grow plants and vegetables"
Aug 4 2021: "Theatre report of Takizawa Kabuki zero 2021"
May 12 2021: "Jonny's World"
April 14 2021: "Animal Crossing adults are addicted to"

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